Sublimation printing is a process that employs heat and pressure to transfer dye onto a polyester surface or media specially treated with a polyester coating. This printing method is most commonly used where there is a requirement for vivid colour reproduction or to print photo quality images onto polyester fabric or materials. As the dyes become a part of the polyester itself, sublimated images will not rub or scratch off without physically damaging the surface of the object.

Flat Bed Press

Our Monti Antonio press is known as the Rolls Royce of flat bed presses in the sublimation industry. It is capable of consistently creating vibrant colours on a double bed, each over 3.5 square meters in area. With a maximum temperature of 230 degrees, and 900 of pound force per square inch, the 3,100kg Monti Antonio press performs around the clock ensuring production timelines are always met.

Wide Format Printers

We choose Mimaki as our printer of choice. We currently run Mimaki’s TS300P-1800 which allows us to print up to 115 square meters per hour, which has tripled our production of polos, tees and other merchandise. Our printer is capable of printing up to 1940m wide, with up to six colour inputs ensuring stunningly vibrant colours each and every time.

Contact our team today for any sublimation enquiries and we will deliver the best quality solution & can also manage the delivery process with your business