Lifestyle Australia maintains a long standing commitment to purchase products from vendors, suppliers, subcontractors, agents, subsidiaries and affiliates who maintain the highest ethical labour standards for their employees, respecting the laws and culture in which they operate. This policy aligns with that of many of our customers, in that we acknowledge that different cultural environments, legal and ethical systems exist in the countries where suppliers manufacture.

This Code sets forth the basic the requirement in doing business with Lifestyle Australia and is based on internationally accepted labour standards, including the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) core conventions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We hold our business partners and their affiliates to these same standards and actively seek partners who share our beliefs. The Code provides the foundation for our ongoing evaluation and monitoring of factory’s employment practices and environmental compliance.

Lifestyle Australia is aware that overseas suppliers may be at greater risk than Australian suppliers in relation to ethical labour standards and will engage the services of an accredited third party to conduct audits on our behalf when we are unable to conduct such an assessment ourselves. The results of a Supplier Selection Audit will determine if the supplier will be added to Lifestyle Australia’s Approved Supplier Register.

In addition to the above we give preference to suppliers, local and offshore, who are current members of, or accredited with, organisations such as:

Pink FLA (Fair Labour Association)
Pink OEKO-TEX Standard 100
Pink WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production)
Pink FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)


Lifestyle Australia recognises that is has a responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods. We encourage our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to do the same.

Our policy states that not only management, but all employees have a responsibility in their area to ensure that the aims and objectives of the policy are met.

We aim to:

Pink Comply with and exceed all relevant regulatory requirements
Pink Continually improve and monitor environmental performance
Pink Continually improve and reduce environmental impacts.
Pink Incorporate environmental factors into business decisions
Pink Increase employee awareness and training
Pink Minimise the use of paper and packaging as much as possible
Pink Buy recycled and recyclable paper as much as possible
Pink Re-use and recycle cardboard packaging as much as possible

Lifestyle Australia is at the forefront of clean practice within the screen printing and branded merchandise industry and continues to innovate and develop best practices to meet and exceed stringent environmental requirements. Our custom-built factory has an abundance of natural light such that artificial light is seldom required during production on the factory floor. Recent innovations to reduce our environmental impact include:

Pink 60,000 litre rain water harvesting system that collects water for factory use.
Pink 100kw Solar Power System that significantly reduces our dependence non-renewable energy sources.
Pink A state-of-the-art DTS (Direct to Screen) screen making system whereby digital files are sent directly from our graphic designers to our screen making machine thereby eliminating the need to create film with its inherent chemical processes.
Pink Screen cleaning is done with citrus based cleaners using a system that uses minimal water and recycles where possible.
Pink Regular testing of waste water generated from our reclaiming area is conducted by relevant authorities and continues to meet or exceeded legislative requirements.


Lifestyle Australia continually reviews production materials, production methods and finished products to ensure we exceed minimum sustainability criteria lists within the industry. Specifically,


Pink Apparel is sourced from suppliers that can provide us with fabrics that are free of brominated flame retardants or perfluerinated chemicals.
Pink We use suppliers who can meet international certification standards relating to ethical labour practices, resource sustainability and verifiable content.


Pink We use state of the art processes that have minimal impact on our environment as outlined above.
Pink Any waste is treated to standards required by legislation and approved by the Gold Coast City Council.
Pink Inks used are phthalate free and contain no dangerous chemicals.
Pink We use citrus based cleaning solvents for screen cleaning and natural & organic cleaners throughout the rest of the manufacturing process.


Pink We utilise recycled packaging, alongside our internal waste reduction initiatives.


Whilst Lifestyle Australia believe that we have achieved significant progress in reducing our impact on the environment we have an ongoing commitment to continue researching new and innovative methods and materials that will help us to further improve our relationship with the environment.

Pink We continue to attend trade shows both here and overseas to keep abreast of developments in the industry.
Pink We continue to carry out in-house research on processes such as ink curing times to reduce the amount of energy required to create a finished product.
Pink We continue to advise our customers and suppliers on environmentally friendlier options.
Pink We continue to place environmental impact high on the list of selection criteria, not only for new manufacturing equipment but for all equipment purchased for office and factory use.


Lifestyle Australia are members of the following organisations, striving for quality and efficiency in manufacture:

Pink Australian Made Campaign
Pink Ethical Clothing Australia
Pink APPA – Australian Promotional Products Association
Pink SGIAA – Specialty Graphic Imaging Association of Australia
Pink CCIQ – Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland


SOCIAL-RESPONSIBILITY Lifestyle Australia takes Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously.

We pride ourselves on exceeding the CSR objectives we set for ourselves and we constantly search for ways to improve who we are and how we relate to our staff, our suppliers, our environment and our community

our promise to lifestyle australia employees_

Pink We will provide a safe working environment.
Pink We will provide the opportunity for ongoing self development and advancement.
Pink We will provide a fair,equitable and discrimination – free workplace
Pink We will provide fair wages and conditions for all workers and will guarantee employee entitlements will be paid in full.

our promise to lifestyle australia suppliers and subcontractors_

Pink We will treat our suppliers fairly in all dealings
Pink We will ensure our suppliers comply with the requests sought after by our customer and the workmanship and values Lifestyle Australia sets out to achieve
Pink We will ensure our subcontractors comply with the Homemaker Code established by the Government.

the lifestyle australia promise to the environment_

Pink We will ensure that wherever viable, we will use environmentally friendly products in the manufacturing and embellishment process.
Pink We will continue to support the environment through solar power initiatives where we currently have capacity to generate 420Kw daily.
Pink We will continue to conserve water through out 60,000L capacity tanks, and ensure all water waste is Council approved.

our promise to our community_

Pink We are committed to supporting local community groups and charities including the Fred Hollows Foundation.
Pink We will ensure we constantly look for ways to further strengthen our compliance with our industry governing bodies, Ethical Clothing Australia and Australian Made.

memberships and associations_

Lifestyle Australia is a member of the following industry bodies:

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