The Lifestyle Australia team has been providing digital printing solutions to companies for decades now and we have created a cost-effective decoration process that simplifies the branding process on a wide range of promotional products utilising Supacolour.

The digital printing process – The colour is produced digitally, meaning the images can have millions of colours without the need for expensive, complicated digital printing setups. Supacolour can produce photo quality art and high detail with none of the limitations of the other digital printing processes. No sacrifice on quality needs to be made just choose the right digital printing design for your business and get the best clarity, colours and end result

The transfer is produced using a hybrid of digital for the colours and traditional transfer printing. There is no cutting involved, and there is no product coloured fill needed to help with small lettering and complex images which is why they are superior to normal digital vinyl transfers.

Supacolour simplifies the whole digital printing process, allowing for you to get the branding awareness out there quickly with effective, memorable promotional products.

All our digital production team need is the concept and we can drive the solution.