Branded Merchandise

Branded merchandise is a fantastic way to engage your customers and provide something to give a long lasting impact.

We have seen promotional merchandise and branded products support an increase in customer acuisition and further cement branding and marketing exercises specifically with improved brand recognition for your business. In fact, promotional items are popular during marketing campaigns and business functions or sponsorships.

Promotional merchanside can span from apparel to bags to drinkware to USB sticks, your options are endless! With your business logo beautifully etched on these items, you will definitely be able to highlight your brand personality, reinforce your marketing message, engage your customers more effectively and expand your market reach.

In a study conducted by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) in 2012, 56% of the 15,000 people surveyed said they were impressed by companies that give away branded gift items.

In addition, 79% said that they will likely do business with the company again.

At Lifestyle Australia, we manufacture, source, design and craft branded merchandise items in a way that best reflects your business theme. We can put your logo on any promotional items of your choice, ensuring a well-tailored design to meet the needs and wants of your customers.

Our award winning art team are exceptionally talented in creating styles and designs to help promote your brand. Whether it is company uniform, workwear, or any branded merchandise, we can print, stitch and style just the way you want it.

Benefits of Branded Merchandise

Branded merchandise plays an integral role in enhancing the impact of any marketing strategy. Apart from showcasing your brand logo, capturing the essence of your business and helping build a strong relationship with your customers, other benefits of branded merchandise can include:

  • Increasing traffic during tradeshows, sponsorships, causes or sporting events;
  • Giving recognition or identity to your employees; and
  • Building brand awareness through branded and innovative marketing materials Why Trust Lifestyle Australia

With over 3 decades of expertise in providing printing and embroidery services, Lifestyle Australia is considered one of the nation’s leading producers of the best promotional merchandise, uniforms, and retail products.

In fact, Lifestyle Australia is the name linked to many of the countries finest recognised brands and most trusted suppliers of branded merchandise.

At Lifestyle Australia, we have skilled personnel who will take the time to fully understand your brand personality, brand values and brand development strategy to help identify the best solution for your branding.

Not only that, our design team will help you develop creative and innovative ideas that can promote a lasting impression and enhance customer loyalty through the establishment of emotional connection with the customers or recipients of the branded merchandise.

Lifestyle Australia can help your business achieve the recognition your brand deserves. So if you are thinking about branded merchandise give our team a call today or browse our online shop now.